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The ECQ-E-07 Corporate Office Building in Energy City, Lusail, Qatar, is nearing completion, representing an important milestone in the district’s growth. With its unique design and commitment to green technologies, the building is poised to become a as a hub for corporate activity in Energy City.

The ECQ-E-07 building spans 2B + G + M + 3 stories and has a built-up area of approximately 13,407 square meters, with a plot area of approximately 3,738 square meters. The project, spearheaded by the Al Mohannadi Group and built by renewed contractor, Doha Group, was precisely planned and executed to achieve the greatest quality and efficiency requirements possible.

Trust services included architectural, structural, safety, mechanical, electrical, landscape design, GSAS certification, approvals from authorities and supervision.

ECQ-E-07, located in the heart zone of the Energy City development, next to the main headquarters building, is a tribute to innovative design and sustainable principles. The project was designed from the start with the goal of creating an environmental gold standard by utilizing cutting-edge green technologies to reduce its environmental footprint. The project’s primary purpose was to gain a competitive advantage in Qatar’s resilient market by earning a 3-star accreditation for energy efficiency.

One of the ECQ-E-07 building’s distinguishing elements is its remarkable triangular form, which not only adds to its modern appearance but also benefits on increased area on top floors while allowing larger landscape area in the ground. Laminated façade glazing is ‘wrapped’ by triangular cladding panels with stainless steel mesh. This “invisibly” fixed shell creates a dynamic interplay of shadows and sunshine, improving both visual appeal and energy efficiency.

As the ECQ-E-07 building nears completion, stakeholders and observers alike are eagerly waiting for this new addition to remarkable Lusail City.

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