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Rethink architecture.




2nd and 12th Floors Muraikh Tower
Old Salata Road, P.O. Box 47673
Doha, State of Qatar



Business Center, 3rd Floor, Building A3
Dubai South, Dubai, United Arab Emirates



4432 Shajarat Al Durr, Sheikha Al Shajara
6714 Tuwaiq District
P.O. Box 14931, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



33 Nile Corniche
Alworoud Building
Cairo, Egypt



Steward House
14 Commercial Way
Woking, GU21 6ET



1055 West Georgia st.
Suite 2177
Vancouver BC V6E 3P3



TRUST is award-winning multidisciplinary team of architects, designers, planners, interior and landscape designers, as well as MEP and structural engineers. Engaged in a wide array of projects across the Middle East and Europe, our office tackles projects of various scales and sectors. Our project designs are the result of meticulous project studies and analysis of client requirements, including thorough evaluations of financial and economic aspects and feasibility studies. Above all, our approach is rooted in building mutual trust and respect with our clients through dedicated teamwork and conscious efforts.


Engineers Worldwide


Projects Completed

Our Vision

Trust and consistency in providing integrated design, engineering and project management solutions with highest integrity to meet the changing needs of global businesses.

Our Mission

Central to our mission is the power to transform ideas to reality that displays the better future and different human experience. To learn, to challenge, to create.

Our Values

Integrity is the compass guiding decisions, intertwined with diversity to enrich perspectives. Together, they fuel strong work ethics, the catalyst for true success.

 Integrity Diversity TRUST Work-Ethics Success 


 Integrity Diversity TRUST Work-Ethics Success 


 Integrity Diversity TRUST Work-Ethics Success 


 Integrity Diversity TRUST Work-Ethics Success 


 Integrity Diversity TRUST Work-Ethics Success 


TRUST MGM Strategic Partners

Bright Investment Solution (BVI) prides itself on offering comprehensive turnkey delivery solutions for real estate projects. With a focus on providing end-to-end services, BVI covers every facet of the project lifecycle. From initial design to construction and final handover, BVI serves as a one-stop shop, streamlining the project management process.
BVI’s dedicated team of seasoned professionals works tirelessly to guarantee the seamless and efficient execution of each project. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on delivering high-quality results, BVI is a trusted partner for real estate development projects.
Lielah Design is a multi-disciplinary partnership based in the UK, specializing in innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions tailored for demanding environments.

With expertise in architecture, engineering, financial advisory, and feasibility studies, Lielah  Design offers comprehensive services to clients across various sectors.

The firm is committed to delivering excellence in design and functionality, helping clients achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

Proc Global is a leading multi-disciplinary consulting firm established in 1995. With a dedication to providing integrated solutions, Proc Global offers a diverse range of services across industries. From Advisory Services and Commercial Management to Cutting-Edge Data and Digital Solutions, Proc Global serves as our Strategic Partner in navigating the Complexities of Today’s Business Landscape. The firm’s commitment to excellence and innovation makes them a valuable asset in achieving business goals and overcoming challenges in the modern business environment.

We create structural beauty by innovating

We design bold structures that push boundaries and evolve with each project. Our focus on practical yet striking designs ensures that each creation is a new milestone.

Award-Winning Consultancy 

Award-Winning Consultancy 

Award-Winning Consultancy 

Building on Trust 

Building on Trust 

Building on Trust