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by  Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy for Successful Completion of the Fit-out Project in Al Bidda Tower 

Trust Engineering Consultancy / APG Recognized for Successful Completion of Al Bidda Tower Fit-out Project 


Trust Engineering Consultancy /APG/ has been honored by the Supreme Committee Delivery and Legacy for the successful completion of the Fit-out project in Al Bidda Tower, Westbay, Doha, Qatar in 2015. With respect to the client’s vision for the much-awaited Qatar 2022 event, this prestigious award acknowledges Trust’s exceptional contribution to improving the overall look and feel of the fit-out project need. 

As the lead fit-out design and supervision consultant on various packages within the Tower, Trust was essential in delivering outstanding services, including fit-out for floors for Supreme Committee valued staff.  In addition to the Office floors, Trust carried out design development and supervision of SC Brand Pavilion on 14th Floor in conjunction with Nussli specialist. The scope of work extended to tender processes, obtaining necessary authority approvals, and seamlessly handing over the project. This comprehensive approach showcased Trust’s commitment to excellence and adherence to the highest industry standards. 

Apart from the recognition, Trust Engineering Consultancy / APG has also received a letter of sincere gratitude from the Supreme Committee Delivery and Legacy. This acknowledgement especially recognizes Trust’s outstanding work, professionalism, and steadfast support in helping the Committee to realize its goals. 

We are deeply grateful to the Supreme Committee Delivery and Legacy for this prestigious honor. It demonstrates our dedication to providing outstanding outcomes and respecting the principles of quality, creativity, and teamwork. Trust Engineering Consultancy / APG / looks forward to continuing our journey of excellence in future endeavors and contributing to the success of projects that leave a lasting impact. 


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