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Meet Our Team of Experts

Founding Partner

H. E. Sheikh Abdulrahman Bin Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani


His Excellency Sheikh Abdulrahman Bin Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani is the founding partner of TRUST Engineering Consultancy.
He also holds the esteemed position of Minister of Culture, where he continues to make significant contributions to the cultural development and heritage preservation of Qatar.
Founding Partner

Dr. Ahmed Monir


In loving remembrance of Dr. Ahmed Mounir, a visionary architect and co-founder of APG (now TRUST Engineering Consultancy). Dr. Ahmed co-founded APG with Mr. Samir Rabie in the late 1960s, establishing a prominent architectural services practice. His academic achievements, including a BSc from Cairo University in 1958, an MSc from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1961, and a PhD from the Catholic University of America in 1965, demonstrated his unwavering commitment to learning. His illustrious career included awards from the Egyptian Society of Engineers in 1990, 1992, and 1998, as well as honors from the Egyptian Society of Architects in 1995 and 2010. Dr. Mounir's legacy as a pioneering architect and commitment to the architectural community continue to inspire TRUST Engineering Consultancy, leaving an unmistakable impact on the firm's history.
General Manager - Founder

Sherif Monir


Sherif Monir, the General Manager and Founder of TRUST Engineering Consultancy, has not only carried on the legacy of his late father, Dr. Ahmed Mounir, but has also elevated the company to new heights since its establishment in 2009. With a strong background in architectural design, coordination, and project management, Sherif has steered TRUST towards becoming a key player in the industry. Under his leadership, the company has thrived, thanks to a steadfast commitment to innovation and expansion. Sherif's unwavering devotion to quality has become synonymous with the company's legacy, driving it to push boundaries and achieve excellence in architectural engineering.
CEO - Founder

Mohamed Nabil Lielah


Arch. Mohamed Nabil Lielah, the CEO and Founder of the award-winning TRUST Engineering Consultancy, oversees the overall health and growth of the company.
His journey in the industry is remarkable. He joined APG Qatar in 2006 when it was a firm with one office and he was the only employee.
Over the years, he played a pivotal role in growing the company in challenging and competitive market of Qatar while expanding his own skills. 10 years later he led Firm’s transition to TRUST Engineering Consultancy. His leadership has propelled TRUST to become one of the top ten consulting firms in Qatar and the Middle East, with operations in Dubai, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Egypt, the UK, Canada, and Bosnia, and a workforce of over 150 qualified engineers. He is renowned for his ability to cultivate long-lasting client relationships and invest in the people working alongside him.
While Arch. Mohamed Nabil Lielah remains committed to his first love of architecture, his focus is not limited to developing solutions for individual projects but to creating and directing more successful and creative design teams.
As CEO, he is dedicated to furthering his contributions to TRUST's growth and leading the company to new heights of success.
Managing Director

Johan Mitri


Johan Mitri joins TRUST Engineering Consultancy's executive team as Managing Director in 2024. Prior to joining TRUST, Johan led construction development efforts for one of the largest construction companies in the Middle East - CCC.
Johan brings a wealth of experience in managing multi-billion dollar projects to his role as Managing Director at TRUST Engineering Consultancy. His technical brilliance is evident in his ability to navigate complex engineering challenges and deliver innovative solutions that exceed client expectations.
In addition to his technical expertise, Johan is known for his strong leadership skills.
Renowned for his ethical approach to business, he consistently upholds the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in all his endeavors.
Executive Director

Jasminka Usanovic


Jasminka Usanovic Executive Director at TRUST Engineering Consultancy holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Sarajevo (2009) and a Bachelor of Architecture from 2007.
She oversees company’s finances, operations and business development, and is responsible for executing strategic priorities.
Prior to joining TRUST as Executive director in 2024, she acted in a role of Business development manager for the past 10 years. During this time, she played a important role in the company's growth and transformation, witnessing its transition from a branch of 30 persons to an award-winning international practice.
Head of Supervision & PMC

Essam El-Kordy


Essam Ibrahem Kamel El-Kordy has been a valuable member of TRUST Engineering Consultancy for the last 13 years, leading the Supervision & PMC Department with his extensive expertise and dedication.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Alexandria University in Egypt (1987), he is a licensed Grade A engineer with the Qatari Committee of Engineers. Additionally, he is a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Young Mediators Association. In his present role, he applies his extensive experience and knowledge in desgin, contract’s management and supervision to oversee and coordinate project management consultancy and supervision activities, ensuring the successful completion of all projects.

Technical Branch Consultant

Dr. Ahmed Awad


Branch Manager

Firas Al Ali


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Business Development & Lead Safety Engineer

Rakhan Al-Obaidan


Design Project Manager & Life Safety Head

Dr. Essam Atwan


Dr. Essam Atwan serves as the Design Project Manager at TRUST Engineering Consultancy, a position he has held since November 2015. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Planning from Alexandria University's Faculty of Engineering in 1989, followed by a Diploma in Arts in Architecture from the same institution's Faculty of Fine Arts in 1991. Dr. Atwan holds a Grade A engineering license from the Qatari Committee of Engineers - MMUP, along with QCDD accreditation.
With an impressive 35 years of experience, including 20 years in the Middle East, Dr. Atwan brings a wealth of expertise to his role, ensuring the successful completion of the technical aspects of projects undertaken by TRUST Engineering Consultancy. His leadership and technical proficiency have been instrumental in the company's success, making him an invaluable member of the team.
"She oversees company’s finances, operations and business development, and is responsible for executing strategic priorities.
Prior to joining TRUST as Executive director in 2024, she acted in a role of Business development manager for the past 10 years. During this time, she played a important role in the company's growth and transformation, witnessing its transition from a branch of 30 persons to an award-winning international practice.
Design Project Manager

Kriz Samed Quiogue


Kriz Samed Quiogue has been the Design Manager of TRUST Engineering Consultancy since 2010, bringing with him a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines, where he studied from 2001 to 2006. Kriz has numerous prestigious affiliations and credentials, most notably his Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) designation from the Project Management Institute since 2025, as well as licenses from the Philippines' Professional Regulation Commission and Qatar's Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning (UPDA). He is an International Associate of the American Institute of Architects, a LEED Green Associate™ recognized by Green Business Certification Inc., and currently the President of the United Architects of the Philippines Qatar Chapter.

Kriz, in his role as Design Manager, not only oversees TRUST Engineering Consultancy's design process but also actively participates in projects, working hands-on to ensure their success. This approach showcases his diverse background and broad skills, adding significant value to the team and the projects he manages. His loyalty and commitment to TRUST Engineering Consultancy are invaluable.

Design Project Manager / Sustainability / BIM

Mohamed Hesham


Mohamed Hesham Attala is the Design Project Manager at TRUST Engineering Consultancy, having been with the company since 2012. His educational background includes studies at Alexandria University, complemented by professional licenses and certifications such as LEED Green Associate and PMP. Over the course of his career, he has garnered recognition in architectural competitions, demonstrating his creative side and architectural design excellence. His role involves leading the creative design development of the company, ensuring that projects are not only visually stunning but also meet the highest standards of functionality and innovation. Mohamed's commitment to design is evident in his approach to every project regardless the scale, where he combines his technical expertise with a keen eye for detail to deliver amazing results. His passion for architecture and commitment to continual growth make him an invaluable asset to TRUST Family.
Senior Supervision Projects Manager

Ahmed Hassan


Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Ali Abdelrahman is the Projects Manager focusing on the fit-out project department at TRUST Engineering Consultancy, where he has worked since 2012. Ahmed holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Alexandria University in Egypt, as well as a Grade 'A' license from the Qatari Committee of Engineers. He has led some of the key fit-out projects for the company, overseeing interior design from conceptualization to execution.

His duties extend throughout Qatar, Oman, KSA and Kuwait, and include project management, construction supervision, and monitoring. Ahmed engages with clients, cultivates connections, and ensures project objectives are reached. Furthermore, he oversees project planning, scheduling, and reporting to ensure that projects are finished on schedule and within budget.

Administration and Finance Director

Mohamed Hassan


Mohamed Ahmed Hassan, Director of Finance and Administration at TRUST Engineering Consultancy since 2011, plays important role in ensuring the financial stability and operational efficiency of the organization. With a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, his duties encompass a range of responsibilities aimed at maintaining accurate financial records, facilitating effective budgeting, and planning processes, while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards for all Qatar Operations.
Mr. Mohamed also oversees organizational cash flow implementing business policies and accounting practices to enhance operational effectiveness.
Accounts Manager

Vilma Concepcion Bacud


Vilma Concepcion Bacud assumed the role of Accounts Manager at TRUST Engineering Consultancy over 10 years ago, overseeing the financial operations and ensuring the fiscal health of the organization. With her extensive background in finance and accounting gained in Middle East, Vilma brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. Her responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks, including financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting for all TRUST Branches. She is also responsible for financial reporting and implementing internal controls to safeguard the company's assets. Additionally, Vilma plays a crucial role in analyzing financial data to provide insights and recommendations to senior management, guiding strategic decision-making processes.
Branch Director

Ahmed Nabil


Ahmed Nabil, International Accounts Manager at TRUST Engineering Consultancy since 2019, holds a degree in Bachelor of Commerce from Alexandria University. His role includes analyzing the annual budget, evaluating financial reports, and collaborating with operational staff on business reporting requirements. Ahmed oversees annual budgets, coordinates revenue and expense reforecasting, and manages recruitment, mentoring, and training for the finance division. He diligently reviews monthly financial statements and works closely with the commercial manager on financial matters. Ahmed supports daily international field operations, ensuring accurate accounting for international financial resources. His responsibilities also involve managing intercompany matrices, contributing significantly to TRUST Engineering Consultancy's financial integrity and international business success.
Administration and Finance Manager

Ashraf Ali Sayed Mohamed


Business Development Manager

Pervy Jannie Abian


Pervy Jannie Abian, having joined TRUST Engineering Consultancy as a Business Development Architect in 2019, holds a pivotal role in the company's growth trajectory. She collaborates closely with TRUST teams, leveraging her expertise to develop compelling proposals, presentations, and pitches that effectively showcase the firm's capabilities, expertise, and value proposition. In addition to her role in proposal development, Pervy is instrumental in cultivating strategic partnerships and alliances with complementary firms, consultants, contractors, and suppliers. Her efforts enhance the firm's capabilities and broaden its service offerings, contributing to its competitive edge in the market. Pervy's responsibilities extend to negotiating terms, conditions, and contracts with clients, ensuring alignment with TRUST's objectives, capabilities, and risk management strategies. Her multifaceted role significantly contributes to TRUST Engineering Consultancy's success by facilitating effective project coordination and fostering meaningful client engagement.
Head of Electrical Department

Hatem Ryad


Hatem Ryad, with over 18 years of professional experience, has demonstrated adeptness in managing electrical projects from inception to completion. He holds an 'A' Grade in Electrical Engineering and has been with TRUST since 2013, currently serving as the Head of the Electrical Design Department. His expertise spans the entire project lifecycle, from design conception through delivery, covering essential phases such as planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, and closing.

Hatem specializes in electrical low and voltage installations, ensuring the seamless execution of projects and the attainment of desired outcomes. His extensive experience in both design and supervision underscores his proficiency in navigating the complexities of projects, whether for individual buildings or infrastructure projects.
His duties extend throughout Qatar, Oman, KSA and Kuwait, and include project management, construction supervision, and monitoring. Ahmed engages with clients, cultivates connections, and ensures project objectives are reached. Furthermore, he oversees project planning, scheduling, and reporting to ensure that projects are finished on schedule and within budget.

Technical Manager

Ahmed Saber Zahran


Head of Mechanical Department (Design and Supervision)

Abdelrahman Mahmoud


Abdelrahman Mahmoud has been the Head of Mechanical Design and Supervision at TRUST Engineering Consultancy since 2023. With a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and over 17 years of experience, he specializes in HVAC, water distribution, infrastructure utilities and firefighting systems. As a Grade A Mechanical Engineer, Abdelrahman ensures strict adherence to local regulations and international standards in both the Design and Supervision sectors.

Prior to joining TRUST Engineering Consultancy, Abdelrahman Mahmoud worked at Dar Al Handasah, Shaker, and other prominent companies, where he oversaw mechanical design and execution in some of the largest development projects. His technical excellence and unwavering commitment to quality are key factors contributing significantly to the success of projects under his supervision at TRUST Engineering Consultancy.

Senior Quantity Surveyor and Tender Team Lead

Rowena Sanchez


Rowena Sanchez is Senior Quantity Surveyor and Tender Team Lead at TRUST Engineering Consultancy, having joined the company in 2011. In her role, Rowena takes charge of coordinating the tendering process for building projects, ensuring timely and budget-conscious submission of tenders, and leading a team of quantity surveyors. She collaborates closely with the project management team to guarantee that projects adhere to the highest standards, comply with local regulations, and obtain all necessary permits. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of La Salette Philippines, and she holds certifications in FIDIC SUITE OF CONTRACTS, Project Management Professional (PMP), LEED, and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management, providing her with the requisite knowledge and skills. In summary, Rowena is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to clients and successfully completing construction projects on time, within budget, and to the utmost standards of quality.

Ma. Nola Marjory Ramos


Ma. Nola Marjory Amado Ramos brings a wealth of experience and expertise in accounting and financial management to TRUST since she joing last 2019. With a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Sacred Heart College, her career spans various roles, demonstrating her proficiency in financial practices and software applications. In her current roles as Accounts Assistant, Nola handles a range of responsibilities including processing disbursement vouchers, recording cash expenses, and preparing payment transfer templates. Her attention to detail and organizational skills ensure the smooth operation of financial processes. As a highly organized and detail-oriented professional, Nola Marjory Amado Ramos is committed to delivering excellence in accounting and financial management. Her strong communication skills and collaborative approach make her a valuable asset to any organization.
Executive Secretary and HR Coordinator

Shiela Ocliazo


Shiela Mae Ocliazo, TRUST's Executive Secretary since 2018, leverages her expertise in office management and administration, holding a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Financial Management. Trained as an Internal Auditor for ISO 9001:2015, she upholds organizational standards. In her multifaceted role, Shiela efficiently handles meeting schedules, calendars, phone calls, mail, travel arrangements, office supplies, and clerical staff supervision. She also supports document control, aiding the Business Development and HR departments. Shiela's meticulous attention to detail, organizational skills, and commitment to company policies significantly contribute to TRUST Engineering Consultancy's smooth operations. Her role as Executive Secretary is a crucial link in facilitating communication between departments and ensuring efficient administrative functioning.
Supervision Project Manager

Gamal Abbas


Gamal Abbas Adway serves as the Project Manager for construction projects at TRUST Engineering Consultancy, a role he has held since 2014. Possessing a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Alexandria University's Faculty of Engineering, he is also a licensed Grade 'A' Engineer with the Qatari Committee of Engineers. With 31 years of project management expertise, he specializes in project planning, execution, control, and closure to generate business value and satisfy stakeholders. His professional portfolio spans a diverse range of projects including commercial and residential buildings, towers, industrial structures, residential and educational institutions, hotels, and road and infrastructure projects. Gamal's overarching goal is to ensure the success of all projects through effective management and the application of his extensive civil engineering knowledge.
Supervision Project Manager

Mohamed Naguib


Mohamed Naguib, a licensed engineer with the Qatari Committee of Engineers - MMUP and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), assumed the role of Project Manager for construction projects at TRUST Engineering Consultancy in 2020. In his capacity, Mohamed meticulously oversees and coordinates projects, analyzing and approving all contractor submittals to ensure alignment with contractual conditions and project objectives. His responsibilities encompass coordinating site team requirements, managing construction activities, and conducting regular site visits to monitor construction progress. Attending crucial technical coordination meetings, he actively participates in compiling monthly progress reports by collecting and reviewing information from the project team. His engagement extends to various meetings, including technical coordination sessions and client progress management meetings, emphasizing effective communication and project alignment. Mohamed's primary focus is to support smooth project execution and uphold a high degree of quality throughout the construction process, ultimately leading to successful outcomes and client satisfaction.
Supervision Project Manager

Ihab Elkhamisy


Deputy Supervision Project Manager

Haris Corovic


Haris Corovic, with his comprehensive understanding of the complete project lifecycle in Building Construction Management, brings his expertise in overseeing projects from initiation to completion. As a graduate of Bachelor of Civil Engineering in Yidiz Technical University, Turkey in 2016, his career started as Project Engineer and now as Project Manager in TRUST Engineering since 2023. Building and maintaining professional relationships with client representatives his priority, ensuring program and project requirements are met while delivering contracted services effectively. He excel in managing procurement processes, coordinating design phases, and providing leadership and guidance to project teams.
Senior Electrical Engineer (Supervision)

Mohamed Mostafa El Tobgy


Mohamed Mostafa El Tobgy holds the position of Senior Supervision Electrical Engineer at TRUST Engineering Consultancy since 2017. Mohamed with his Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering at Suez Canal University, Egypt, brings over two decades of expertise to his role. Holding Grade 'A' accreditation from the Engineers & Consulting Offices Accrediting Committee and recognized as a Green Professional (CGP) by GSAS and the Qatar Civil Defense Department, he supervises and coordinates electrical works and security systems networks for various projects. This includes overseeing MVA load, bus duct, sound system, CCTV system, fire alarm system, telephone system, and data network installations. Mohamed's training and certifications in sustainability assessment systems, green building basics, and technical skill optimization for project supervision engineers enhance his ability to ensure project compliance and success. With a keen eye for detail and vast competence, he makes a significant contribution to the team by ensuring the efficient and effective execution of electrical engineering components for all projects under his supervision.
Senior Electrical Engineer (Supervision)

Amgad Taha


Senior Mechanical Engineer (Supervision)

Abdelmoneim Atef


Structural Engineer

Ahmed Samir



Editha Balean



Karl Jasper Juan


Karl Jasper Juan, an architect at TRUST since 2012, holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Mindanao in the Philippines, bringing a wealth of experience and creativity to his role. Karl's commitment to professional development propels him to excel in all aspects of his career. His responsibilities encompass developing preliminary design proposals, floor plans, and architectural views for presentations. Karl also plays a crucial role in preparing architectural plans and details for municipal approval, ensuring compliance with regulations and norms. Additionally, he provides preliminary drawings for coordination and construction, fostering clear communication among stakeholders and ensuring project success. Karl's valuable contributions to the team lie in his ability to translate concepts into tangible solutions that meet both aesthetic and functional requirements, ultimately contributing to the success of TRUST Engineering Consultancy projects.

Lina Mustafa


Lina Mustafa, a recent addition to TRUST Engineering Consultancy's Design Department since 2023, brings a wealth of creativity and a fresh perspective as an Architect. Graduating with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Architecture Engineering from Cairo University in 2022 and having completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) at Al-Bayan Secondary School, Doha, Qatar in 2016, Lina is a hardworking and dedicated team member. Her role involves applying her comprehensive experience in various aspects of architecture to contribute innovative and functional designs. Lina's focus on creativity while maintaining practical functionality ensures that her designs not only engage directly with users but also harmonize with the environment. As a recent graduate, Lina's enthusiasm and commitment make her a valuable asset to the Design Department, where she actively contributes to the team's success by applying her skills and fresh perspective to projects.
3D Artist

Subeer Basheer


Subeer Basheer, 3D artist at TRUST Engineering Consultancy since 2015, holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Diploma in Multimedia & Animation. In his role, Subeer collaborates closely with architectural and design teams to strategically plan and visualize design projects. His responsibilities encompass ensuring accurate and attractive representation of concepts, assisting with planning decisions, and developing both static visualizations and dynamic animations and computer-generated imagery. Proficient in utilizing industry-standard design tools and applications, Subeer visualizes architectural concepts across various graphic mediums. Keeping abreast of relevant software improvements is integral to his role, and he diligently incorporates feedback to rigorously edit effects, ensuring the highest quality output in his visualizations.
PRO Director

Amr Khalifa


Amr Ali Khalifa, TRUST Engineering Consultancy's Government Coordinator since 2013, holds a Bachelor of Education from Minya Upper Egypt, bringing a unique skill set to his role. His responsibilities include efficiently managing building permit requests, overseeing approvals to Authorities with Jurisdiction, and handling Engineers’ work permits. As TRUST representative, Amr submits files and drawings at various municipalities and agencies, ensuring a smooth approval process. His role is crucial in maintaining regulatory compliance and facilitating project execution at TRUST Engineering Consultancy.
Document Controller

Valentina Aler


Valentina Aler brings her vast experience in office administration and clerical duties to her role as an Executive Secretary at TRUST Engineering Consultancy. With a Bachelor's degree in Office Administration and extensive experience in various administrative roles, Valentina is well-equipped to handle the dynamic demands of the position. Throughout her career, Valentina has demonstrated her ability to work independently and within a team, performing tasks such as filing, inventory management, and calendar coordination with efficiency and accuracy. With her dedication, reliability, and commitment to excellence, Valentina is poised to contribute effectively to the success of TRUST Engineering Consultancy as an Executive Secretary.

Mohamed Saleh


Mohamed Saleh, TRUST's Government Coordinator since 2017, plays an important role in maintaining regulatory compliance and supporting project success. Mohamed offers a strong educational background to his work, having graduated from Cairo University's Faculty of Commerce. As Government Coordinator, he is in charge of a wide range of project-related activities. Mohamed efficiently organizes building approval requests and represents the TRUST in submissions to several Authorities with Jurisdiction and Municipalities in Qatar. He also manages engineers' work permits and meets with authorities to discuss project details. Mohamed's duties include collaborating with engineers from various government ministries and monitoring clearance requests. He diligently maintains the stakeholders list, ensuring approvals from all essential parties and providing regular reports to the project manager on approval progress. Mohamed's dedication greatly helps to TRUST by establishing effective communication with government entities, guaranteeing regulatory compliance, and obtaining the necessary permissions for project completion.
Senior Architect (Lead)

Abanoub Asaad Habib


Senior Mechanical (Lead)

Ahmed Khairy


Ahmed Khairy brings over 13 years of specialized experience in mechanical engineering, encompassing design, development, planning, and coordination across diverse projects. From the initial design phase to execution and consulting stages, he has successfully managed a wide range of projects, demonstrating a strong commitment to excellence. Ahmed is deeply passionate about leveraging engineering principles to create optimal designs that inspire trust and confidence. Beyond his technical expertise, he excels in team leadership, effectively managing and mentoring teams of engineers to deliver exceptional results.
Senior Electrical (Lead)

Abdallah Eid Mosaad


BIM Coordinator (Structural)

Mohamed Osama


Muhammad Osama is an accomplished BIM Coordinator with extensive experience in the construction industry, specializing in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technologies. Currently serving as a BIM Coordinator at Trust Engineering Consultancy, he plays a pivotal role in leading BIM projects from inception to completion. With a proven track record of managing BIM projects, Muhammad oversees project plans, budgets, and timelines to ensure alignment with client requirements. He excels in managing teams of BIM technicians and architects, providing guidance and mentorship to drive productivity and efficiency. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Muhammad Osama is poised to make significant contributions as a BIM/CAD Technician, leveraging his skills and expertise to drive the success of future projects.
BIM Infrastructure Engineer

Lamyaa Mahroos Abd El Aziz


Electrical Designer

Mohamed Shamil


Trust Team

We're an award-winning multidisciplinary team based in Doha with a passion for creating innovative architecture. We work with businesses and people to create a more beautiful world.

Creating not just buildings, but enduring partnerships with our clients, based on the trust we've earned project after project

Mohamed Nabil LielahCEO – Founder

We believe in designing with purpose, creating spaces that evoke emotion and enrich the human experience

Sherif MonirGeneral manager - Founder

We are dedicated to building relationships as strong as our structures, working closely with our clients to bring their visions to life

Essam I. El-KordyHead of Supervision & PMC

Our goal is not just to design buildings, but to create experiences that resonate with people on a profound level

Johan MitriManaging Director

Pioneering Engineering Solutions: Charting Tomorrow's Landscapes

In a world where change is the only constant, innovation becomes the compass guiding our journey. It’s not just about embracing new ideas; it’s about cultivating a culture where curiosity thrives and boundaries are mere invitations to push further. Innovation, to us, is the heartbeat echoing through every department, every brainstorming session, and every project undertaken. It’s about seeing challenges as opportunities, reimagining the norm, and crafting solutions that resonate beyond the present moment. Here, innovation isn’t a choice; it’s the essence that colors our approach, fuels our creativity, and propels us toward shaping a future where possibilities know no bounds.

Our Culture

Innovate each project with no exceptions.

Every project is an opportunity for innovation. We approach each one with a relentless pursuit of creative solutions, pushing boundaries, and exploring new ideas. Innovation isn’t just a goal; it’s woven into the DNA of every project, driving us to redefine what’s possible and deliver beyond expectations, every single time


Always overdeliver to our clients.

We go beyond meeting expectations; we exceed them. Our commitment is to consistently surpass what’s anticipated, ensuring our clients not only receive what they need but are delighted by what they didn’t know was possible. Exceeding expectations isn’t just a goal; it’s our standard, a testament to our dedication to providing unparalleled service and value.


Build things that inspire people.

Creating is about more than just assembling parts. It’s about weaving together ideas, passion, and craftsmanship to craft something that sparks curiosity, captivates hearts, and kindles the imagination. Building isn’t just about physical structures; it’s about crafting experiences and moments that ignite inspiration, leaving a trail of wonder and motivation for all who encounter your creations.