Lusail Beach Club



Lusail Beach Club

The Lusail Beach Club represents Qatar’s dedication to providing top-tier leisure facilities as it evolves into a global entertainment destination. With its location in the vibrant Waterfront Residential District, this high-end beach club is strategically located to cater for the residents of surrounding towers. With its sprawling 16,701 square meter property and 3,716 square meter built-up area, the club offers an expansive space for leisure and recreation, carefully designed to seamlessly integrate luxury, functionality, and sustainability. 


Blue Rock Contracting 

Built up Area (BUA)

3,716 sqm


Lead Design Consultant


Water-front Res. District, WR-SPU/08 & OS-09-B1, Qatar 


3B + G + 47 

Scope of Work

Master Planning, Landscape, Building Design (2 plots), Arch, Structural, MEP), Sustainability and Authority Approvals 

Project Brief.

The main retail structure is a sophisticated space with a sumptuous welcome room, chic café, restaurant by the sea, and administrative offices. With a panoramic patio, spa services, and an infinity pool, the first level smoothly moves from parking to recreational areas. The main building is connected to the beach facilities by a bridge, which improves the accessibility and flow between interior and outdoor areas.

The development of the beach area, which includes retail establishments, water sports facilities, and outdoor dining options, enhances the club's attraction. The Lusail Beach Club, a lively hub for beach sports aficionados, highlights community interaction while also offering possibilities for relaxation and excitement.

In essence, TRUST designed the Lusail Beach Club to be the perfect destination for people looking for an unforgettable seaside experience. The club, with its harmonic blend of luxury, practicality, and eco-conscious design, establishes a new standard for seaside recreation in Qatar, enthralling both locals and visitors.