New Capital Shopping Mall

COM 12

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New Capital Shopping Mall

The COM 12 New Capital Shopping Mall project will be a new shopping and leisure destination in the center of New Cairo, Egypt. Brouq Real Estate Development oversees this ambitious project, which promises to transform the area’s retail scene. Trust Engineering Consultancy, a trusted partner in design consultation services, has been tasked with developing the architectural design for this exciting new project.

The COM 12 New Capital Shopping Mall, which spans a plot of roughly 4,204 square meters and has a spacious built-up area of 7,587 square meters distributed across 3B+G+4 levels, promises to be a thriving hub of trade and activity. TRUST has led the design process by providing architectural design at the idea stage, with two opposing concepts, paving the way for a transformative retail experience.


Brouq Real Estate Development 

Built up Area (BUA)

7,587 sqm


Architecture Design


COM12, New Cairo, Egypt


3B + G + 4

Scope of Work

Architectural Design (Concept stage)

The Design.

The Dome design choice provides a distinctive architectural vision distinguished by its characteristic domed structure, which evokes a sense of grandeur and elegance. The second design choice, appropriately titled the Fingerprint, has a more contemporary look, with a concentration on sleek lines and modernist components that create a dynamic and visually appealing façade mesh resonating the main message of the mall.


Both design proposals demonstrate Trust Engineering Consultancy's commitment to innovation and originality, as well as catering to the different tastes of the client and potential mall visitors. As the project advances, COM 12 New Capital Shopping Mall is poised to become a landmark destination in New Cairo, providing a seamless blend of retail, entertainment, and leisure experiences, all given to life by TRUST's innovative design concepts.