Moza Bint Mohammed Quran And Daa’wa Center Mosque

The Mosque

Moza Bint Mohammed

Quran And Daa’wa Center Mosque

The Moza Bint Mohammed Quran and Daa’wa Center exemplifies the General Directorate of Endowments (AWQAF)’s commitment to Islamic education, with a focus on women’s empowerment. This facility, which spans 18,557.66 square meters and has a built-up size of 24,383 square meters also includes renovation and restoration of existing mosque project. 


General Directorate of Endowments (AWQAF)

Built up Area (BUA)

778 sqm


Lead Design Consultant


Al Waab, Doha, Qatar


G + 1

Scope of Work

Architectural Design, Interior Design, Safety Design, MEP Design, Structural Design, Tender Package and Authority Approvals 

The Design.

The Aisha Bint Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Suwaidi Mosque, an important element of the community's legacy, will be restored and expanded as part of this transformative endeavor. TRUST Engineering Consultancy, methodically expanded the mosque's footprint, adding 246 square meters on the ground floor and designating 532 square meters on the first floor solely for women's prayer. The mosque's expansion, which now spans 778 square meters and includes 18 designated parking spaces, not only recognizes its historical value but also ensures worshippers' accessibility and inclusivity.

The Aisha Bint Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Suwaidi Mosque's incorporation into the Moza Bint Mohammed Quran and Daa'wa Center represents a tasteful fusion of the ancient and the contemporary. Acting as the center's spiritual center, this esteemed mosque encourages its followers to grow spiritually and develop a sense of community. Heralding a future marked by reverence, enlightenment, and harmony, the proposed connection at the first-floor level between the new building and the mosque further emphasizes the center's dedication to honoring its heritage while embracing development.