Factory Cold Store & Meat Processing Facility


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Factory Cold Store & Meat Processing Facility

As the Lead Design and Supervision Consultant for the Factory Cold Store & Meat Processing Facility project TRUST Engineering Consultancy offered comprehensive service and cutting-edge solutions. Working under our long-standing client the National Food Company W.L.L., TRUST showed its dedication to quality in all project phases, from project engineering to project completion. The facility, which occupies a built-up area of roughly 13,391 square meters on 10,344 square meters of land, necessitated close attention to detail, coordination with cold-room specialists and rigorous compliance with laws.


National Food Company W.L.L

Built up Area (BUA)

13,39 sqm


Lead Design and Supervision Consultant


Street 2, Industrial Area, Doha, Qatar 


G + M 

Scope of Work

Architecture, Life Safety, MEP Design, Structural Design, Infrastructure & Roads, Landscape, Tender Package, Authority Approvals and Supervision

The Design.

TRUST carefully considered the facility's needs and local laws from the beginning of the project, creating a design that matched strict specifications and optimized space usage. With a wealth of experience in the fields of architecture, MEP design, structural design TRUST made sure that every detail was catered to.

As per client vision, TRUST's robust design effortlessly integrated necessary components including cold storage chambers, refrigeration systems, meat processing equipment, and more. TRUST's supervision, under the direction of a committed project manager, guaranteed effective project management, adherence to specifications, and prompt acquisition of Authority Approvals for the Factory Cold Store & Meat Processing Facility project.
As the project advances, Trust Engineering Consultancy remains dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of the facility. Through close collaboration with client, TRUST is bolstering Qatar's food security infrastructure, reinforcing the nation's resilience against future challenges.