Night Market at Education City

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Commercial | Government | Master Planning

Night Market at Education City

The Night Market project, led by Regency Group Holding and Trust Engineering Consultancy, intends to transform social areas in Education City, offering a new hub for students and visitors.

The Night Market, which spans an amazing 18,340 square meters, is strategically placed near significant Education City establishments. TRUST concept design smoothly incorporates several components to improve social interaction and community engagement. The Night Market, inspired by the Qatar Foundation’s architectural essence, is designed to be a bustling social hub where people can meet, connect, and enjoy life.


Regency Group Holdings

Built up Area (BUA)

3,072 sqm


Design Consultant


Al Rayyan, Doha, Qatar


G + 1

Scope of Work

Architectural Concept Design 

Project Brief.

To cater to the needs and preferences of the community, the design integrates a range of amenities including public spaces, a communal Social Hub, roof gardens, and electric car charging stations. Drawing inspiration from the iconic structures surrounding the Qatar Foundation, the architectural elements are reimagined within a night market concept. This approach enhances the venue's aesthetic appeal while ensuring it remains functional and visually striking.

More than just a marketplace, the Night Market project aims to foster community interaction and inspiration. Its goal is to create a venue where people can come together to study, socialize, and share ideas, building a sense of belonging and collaboration within the Education City community.