Nahda Entertainment Complex



Nahda Entertainment Complex, Exit 15

Engaged by the Main Contractor, Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), for the Nahda Entertainment Complex, Exit 15 project, Trust Engineering Consultancy eagerly embraced the challenge, collaborating closely with our long-standing client. 

As a BIM Consultant and Structure Consultant, TRUST brought its expertise to the table to ensure the seamless execution of this $700 million investment project, an ambitious venture under the leadership of Saudi Entertainment Ventures (SEVEN). 


Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) – Contractor Seven – Employer

Built up Area (BUA)

134,940 sqm


BIM Consultancy, Structure Design and Technical Office support


Riyadh, KSA



Scope of Work

BIM Consultancy, Structural, Architectural Shop drawings, As Built drawings, Secondary Steel Structure Design

Project Brief.

The Nahda Entertainment Complex, which boasts an outstanding built-up area of over 134,940 square meters, required careful attention to detail and coordination in every aspect of the project. BIM consulting, structural shop drawings, blockwork shop drawings, secondary steel structure design were among the services provided by TRUST. Additionally, our technical team was deployed to the site to facilitate smooth collaboration and coordination.

While the project is in peek of construction, TRUST ensures collaboration and proactive communication with all project stakeholders facilitating the smooth activities at the site.