The New Doha International Airport



The New Doha International Airport

Trust Engineering Consultancy provided essential design support services to the Main Contractor of the New Doha International Airport (CP95) project. Collaborating closely with Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) – Contractor, TRUST took on the crucial role of addressing the Architecture and Structural requirements of CP95. 


Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) – Contractor

Built up Area (BUA)



Architecture and Structural  


New Doha International Airport (NDIA), Doha, Qatar 



Scope of Work

Shop drawings for three (3) packages: 

-General Aviation Hangar 

-General Aviation Terminal 

-Solid Waste Handling Facility 

Project Brief.

With a deep understanding of the project's objectives, TRUST delivers meticulously crafted shop drawings and coordinated drawings for various elements of CP95. Each aspect of this project is carefully planned and executed to ensure seamless integration and functionality within the airport's infrastructure.


Being involved in such a significant project is a source of pride for Trust Engineering Consultancy, and the team was fully committed to leveraging their expertise and resources to ensure the seamless execution of CP95.