Finance Directorate Building



Finance Directorate Building

As the Lead Design Consultant appointed by Qatar Building Engineering Company (QBEC), Trust Engineering Consultancy was appointed for design of the Finance Directorate assuring that the project is carried out smoothly and in compliance with all applicable local laws and standards. With a floor area of 11,581 square meters, this low-rise office building represents a significant step forward in the continuous efforts to improve government Camp’s infrastructure. TRUST has been tasked with providing full-service design consulting services that include infrastructure, architecture, structural, mechanical, and electrical design.


Qatar Building Engineering Company (QBEC)

Built up Area (BUA)

11,581 sqm


Lead Design Consultant


Doha, Qatar   


G + 2

Scope of Work

Architecture, Structural, Fire & Life Safety, Mechanical, Electrical, Infrastructure and Authority Approvals

Project Brief.

The concept design is centered on a careful examination of Qatar's cultural legacy, distinct brand identity of the Directorate Building and its purpose. The ground, first, and second floors (G+2) of the building are configured in a way that is specifically designed to fulfill the needs of an office setting. Every element, from administrative areas to archival facilities, has been thoughtfully designed to maximize functionality and user experience in collaboration with End user and project stakeholders. A flexible multipurpose hall on the second level meets a range of operating requirements.

Inclusion of four open to sky courtyards in the design not only provides enough natural lighting but also encourages a pleasant working atmosphere, demonstrating the firm's commitment to excellence and sustainability.