New Vodafone Headquarters at Marina COM 20, Lusail



New Vodafone Headquarters at Marina COM 20, Lusail

Vodafone’s aspiration to lead in the realm of communication within an increasingly interconnected world serves as the guiding light for their mission: to inspire a better tomorrow through innovation, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with personalized human interaction. Rooted in the values of speed, simplicity, and trust, their vision drives TRUST’s design concept for the New Vodafone Headquarters at Marina Com 20.

In crafting this innovative space, we embrace Vodafone’s forward-looking ethos by incorporating elements that echo their commitment to progress and connectivity. Exposed ceilings maintain a sense of continuity with the existing structure, while organic forms infuse a futuristic ambiance, creating an environment that exudes sophistication and relaxation simultaneously.


Vodafone Qatar QSC

Built up Area (BUA)

7,239 sqm


Lead Fit-out Design and Supervision Consultancy Services


2Oth to 27th floor, Marina Com 20, Lusail Qatar 



Scope of Work

Lead Consultancy Services including Fit Out Design, Supervision and Project Management of different Packages in the Tower

Project Brief.

Flexible furniture arrangements enhance functionality and adaptability, catering to the dynamic needs of a modern workplace. Our design integrates state-of-the-art connectivity solutions, ensuring faster speeds and seamless connections, while semi-open and open spaces foster collaboration and camaraderie among employees.

Furthermore, the New Vodafone Headquarters serves as a digital showcase of Vodafone's products, offering interactive experiences for visitors and reinforcing the brand's strong identity. Special lighting features, including LED lighting, illuminate the space with a sense of vibrancy and energy, complementing the simplicity of geometric forms and colors that define the design aesthetic.

In essence, the New Vodafone Headquarters at Marina Com 20 embodies the spirit of innovation and connectivity, reflecting Vodafone's vision for a brighter future and serving as a beacon of inspiration in the ever-evolving landscape of communication and technology.