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In 2021, Qmall launched as the new community shopping mall in Al Gharafa, Doha, Qatar. Qmall has a total built-up area of 17,652 square meters with B+G+2 levels, as well as a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Trust Engineering Consultancy was appointed by Royal Project Management with overseeing the fit-out design for over ten shops and common areas, improving the mall’s charm with unique and bespoke interiors. 

With a vibrant mix of over 96 shops and 14 restaurants, Qmall is an embodiment of modern convenience combined with community living.
Among the well-known companies and brands that TRUST has supported at Qmall are Sivas, Miss LV, Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB), and a number of shops, restaurants, and beauty centers, in addition to the design of Mall common spaces.


Sh. Fahad Bin Abdullah Bin Thani Group

Built up Area (BUA)



Lead Fit-out Design Consultant 


Al Gharafa, Doha, Qatar 



Scope of Work

Full Interior Fit-out Design, MEP Design, Structural, Fire and Life Safety Design, Supervision, and Authority Approvals 

Every project is approached with a unique combination of technical know-how, creative vision, and customer comprehension, producing environments that not only fulfill but surpass expectations.

TRUST's efforts have been crucial in creating Qmall's character and improving the overall retail and leisure experience for its customers, as the mall thrives as a lively hub of the community. TRUST reiterates its dedication to incorporating creativity and innovation in its design and consulting services with every project that is successfully finished.

For clients looking to design environments that excite, delight, and create a lasting impression in the dynamic field of retail architecture, Trust Engineering Consultancy continues to be a reliable partner.

The generic office floor is recessed in various places to respond to the urban context and open up the building toward the main view creating outstanding daylight conditions and indoor and outdoor areas topped with green. The cubical pixelated design allows such design treatment whilst maintaining high efficiency and flexibility in the floor layout.