Behavioral and Healthcare Center Headquarter

Fit Out

Behavioral and Healthcare Center

The center is occupying 6 floors and divided into 2 parts, the ground ,1st are for receiving patients from different categories, the rest of the floors have the administration part of the building. The tak was to modify and furnish the proposed building in order to utilize and use the working spaces to the best of the center’s services and its staffing requirement.


Behavioral and Healthcare Center

Built up Area (BUA)

2,526 sqm


Lead Fit-out Design and Supervision Consultancy Services


Najma, Crown Plaza, Doha, Qatar


G + 6

Scope of Work

Architectural Design, MEP, Fire Safety, Structural Design, Authority Approvals, Supervision Consultancy Services 


The ground floor consists of the main reception, family & examination clinics, lounges and kids area. The 1st floor contain the individual clinics, listening rooms, entertainment, relaxation and waiting lounges for both genders. The 2nd floor contain the therapy service department & rehab department offices. The 3rd floor contains the studies and monitoring department offices and the community lecture room. The 4th floor contains administration and financial affairs department. The 5th floor contain the general management offices along with some other specialties, like the internal audit, rapporteur, institutional services and legal consultancy.