Corporate Office Building (MU-P05)


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Corporate Office Building (MU-P05) In Foxhills

Office Building MU-P05 at Fox Hills in Lusail is located at a central intersection, integrating Commercial Boulevard and Lusail Towers Financial Centre. Trust Engineering Consultancy is the lead design consultant for this project, commissioned by Qatari Real Estate Group. The building features a modular design with repeated units gradually stepping back from the street, comprising three basements, a ground floor, and four upper floors. The upper floors are strategically set back, contributing to a distinctive articulation of building elements. 


Qatari Real Estate Group 

Built up Area (BUA)

10,178 sqm


Lead Design Consultant


MU-P05 Fox Hills District, Lusail City, Qatar



3B + G + 4


Scope of Work

Architectural Design, Safety Design, Mechanical Design, Electrical Design, Structural Design, Sustainability, Tender Package, Authority Approvals


With a plot area of approximately 2,338 sqm and a built-up area of 10,178 sqm, the building achieves a GSAS 2-star rating. The architectural intent is to enhance the district's language through volumetric definition and a dominance of vertical elements. The ground floor is dedicated to showroom areas with flexible subdivision options, promoting an active and open engagement in line with the Fox Hills main vision for boulevard areas. Tertiary use areas are distributed on the upper floors.

A large terrace on the second floor serves as a space for informal reunions, and decorative beams allow for the penetration of the building from main elevations. An arcade wrapping the building acts as a distinctive landmark, aligning with its main function. Overall, the design emphasizes both aesthetic and functional considerations, contributing to the dynamic growth of Fox Hills.