Hotel Building Modifications

Al Mansoura


Hotel Building Modifications

The Hotel Apartment Building consists of seven floors with 7 (Seven) one-bedroom apartments on each floor. The Building undergoes modifications to align with the envisioned transformation in this vibrant location. 


Abdulla Abdulrahman Abdulla Haidar  

Built up Area (BUA)

6,351 sqm


Lead Design Consultant


Al Mansoura, Doha, Qatar



Scope of Work

Architectural Design (Concept Design) 


Trust Engineering Consultancy, under the patronage of Abdulla Abdulrahman Abdulla Haidar, has been awarded the role of Design Consultant for the Hotel Building Modification in Al Mansoura, Doha, Qatar. Spanning a substantial area of 6,351.56 sqm. TRUST provided Architectural design services involving redesign of existing project to enhance feasibility and efficiency of floor plans as well as its external envelope.

A large terrace on the second floor serves as a space for informal reunions, and decorative beams allow for the penetration of the building from main elevations. An arcade wrapping the building acts as a distinctive landmark, aligning with its main function. Overall, the design emphasizes both aesthetic and functional considerations, contributing to the dynamic growth of Fox Hills.