Marina COM-53 Building

Marina, Lusail City

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Marina COM-53 Building In Lusail City

Trust Engineering Company, a Design Consultant, has shown its concept design for the Marina Com-53 building project in Lusail City at the request of Ibrahim Al-Asmakh Regency Group. TRUST has created a concept that combines creativity and functionality, positioning it to become a landmark in the center of Qatar’s growing metropolis. 


Ibrahim Al-Asmakh Regency Group 

Built up Area (BUA)

10,178 sqm


Concept Design 


Marina Com-53, Lusail City, Qatar


3B + G + 47

Scope of Work

Architectural Design (Concept stage)


The Marina Com-53 project has a large plot of roughly 25,120 square meters and has a built-up area of 174,378 square meters. This conceptual proposal has 3B+G+47 levels, including podiums, basements, the ground floor, and typical floors. Tower 1 spans 39,230 square meters, while Tower 2 covers a massive 71,992 square meters.

What sets Trust Engineering's concept apart is its meticulous attention to detail and client-centric approach. The team collaborated closely with Ibrahim Al-Asmakh Regency Group to deliver two distinct design options, each meticulously crafted to align with the client's vision and requirements.

The Marina Com-53 building symbolizes convenience and connectedness, with its location near sites such as the Lusail Golf Club, Lusail Marina, Qetaifia Lake, and Qetaifia Water Canal. This great location provides both accessibility and stunning views of Lusail’s surrounds. 

The concept perfectly blends commercial and residential spaces, delivering a vibrant urban lifestyle complete with top-tier amenities and retail opportunities. 

TRUST provided two design options: one with independent towers that exude modernism and elegance, and another with the towers intertwined for a cohesive architectural marvel that represents harmony and connectivity. 

 TRUST’s Marina Com-53 concept represents innovation and promise in Lusail’s mission to become a global hub for luxury living and business, demonstrating visionary design, functional excellence, and client collaboration.