Tariq Bin Ziad School

Educational | Government | Masterplan

Educational | Government | Masterplan

Tariq Bin Ziad School

The new Tariq Bin Ziad School project is being led by the Client as an addition to the Education City complex in Al Rayyan, Doha, Qatar and extension of already existing renewed TBZ School. To bring in a new age of educational achievement in the area, QF collaborated with Regency Holding Group as the main developer that further assigned Trust Engineering Consultancy as the lead design consultant for this project.


Regency Holding Group 

Built up Area (BUA)

20,000 sqm


Lead Design Consultant


Education City, Al Rayyan, Doha, Qatar


G + 1

Scope of Work

Architectural Design, Safety Design, Mechanical Design, Electrical Design, Structural Design, Sustainability, Tender Package, and Authority Approvals  

Project Brief.

TRUST, a Grade-A consultant, contributes considerable experience to the Tariq Bin Ziad School project, ensuring the highest design and construction standards. TRUST covers all aspects of architecture, safety, mechanical, electrical, and structural design, with a focus on innovation, sustainability, and functionality. The school, which occupies a vast plot of roughly 20,285 square meters and has a built-up size of 20,000 square meters, aims to support Qatar's expanding academic excellence. Its comprehensive design includes a multipurpose hall, clinic, library, classrooms, laboratories, cafeteria, atrium, and other amenities.

The historical (existing TBZ) building's visual identity is generally considered minimal, with all facade elements being functional and free of extra clutter. By simplifying the facade, the most dominant elements become the structural columns supporting the roof and the first-floor open corridor (terrace), which also bounds the Liwan in front of the classrooms. The roof parapet acts as a defining horizontal datum that connects all facade elements.

The architectural concept diligently preserves the fundamental elements of the historical building's façade, thereby upholding the distinct identity of the school. In new configuration, the parapets of the open terraces are replaced by shading panels, casting shadows upon the glazing areas of the façade while preserving views.