Satellite Control & Operation Center at Duhailiyat



Satellite Control & Operation Center at Duhailiyat

Under the direction of the Qatari Armed Forces, the Trust Engineering Consultancy and Maha Al Khaleej for Contracting Co. W.L.L. have partnered on the Satellite Control and Operation Center project. Situated in Duhailiyat, Doha, Qatar, this low-rise structure has a built-up area of roughly 2,714 square meters and a 3,897 square meter development area. It has a ground floor, second floor, first floor, and roof deck (G+2).


Maha Al Khaleej for Contracting Co. W.L.L. 

Built up Area (BUA)

2,714 sqm


Lead Design Consultant 


Duhailiyat, Doha, Qatar  


G + 2

Scope of Work

Architectural Design, Structural Design, Safety Design, MEP Design, Landscape Design, Tender Package and Authority Approval  


Project Brief.

This project is being driven by Trust Engineering Consultancy, the Lead Design Consultant. Using a comprehensive approach, TRUST has provided a wide range of design services, including architectural, structural, safety, MEP, and landscape design, as well as handling the tender package and authority.

In keeping with the client's vision, TRUST's design includes a variety of external utilities in addition to the building housing the satellite control and operating center to guarantee smooth operations. Every detail, including telecom, power, and water drainage, has been carefully considered. The center's varied needs are met by a variety of specialized rooms and amenities located inside the building, such as the NOC Control room, VIP room, meeting spaces, training facilities, and more.

With TRUST's innovative design solutions and meticulous attention to detail, the Satellite Control and Operation Center project Duhailiyat promises to be a cutting-edge technological hub, demonstrating Qatar's commitment to progress in the field of satellite communications and operations.