Doha Bank



Doha Bank

Trust Engineering Consultancy has been signed with an exclusive agreement under Doha Bank, one of the largest commercial banks in Qatar, to serve as the Lead Risk Management and Technical Advisor. For over a 5-year period TRUST (previously APG) team played a critical part in the performance and viability of Doha Bank’s diversified portfolio of projects in Doha, Qatar.


Doha Bank  

Built up Area (BUA)



Lead Risk Management and Technical Advisor 


Doha, Qatar  



Scope of Work

Evaluation Processes, Assessment Reports, Professional Advisory, Cashflow Review, Variation Order Review, Financial and Extension of Time Claims  

Project Brief.

TRUST's scope of services included a wide variety of consultancy solutions suited to Doha Bank's specific needs. From providing Evaluation Processes and Assessment Reports to offering Professional Advisory services and Cashflow Review, TRUST has been committed to safeguarding the interests of Doha Bank.

As different projects have been evaluated under DB pipeline TRUST stayed active in assessing modification requests, assessing claims for cash and time extensions, and providing guidance to the client. At every stage of the project lifecycle, from meticulously examining contractor bills to producing comprehensive handover reports and closing accounts, TRUST was steadfast in its dedication to delivering quality.

With Trust Engineering Consultancy's expert consultancy service, Doha Bank team was able navigate the complexities of construction projects with confidence, ensuring optimal outcomes and mitigating risks effectively.