ADCB Digital Branch



ADCB Digital Branch

In New Cairo, Egypt, Trust Engineering Consultancy collaborated with Synchronized Business Solutions Co. (SBS) in the renovation of the ADCB Digital Branch’s building.

Working closely with SBS, the lead digital solution provider and designer, our team leveraged their experience to integrate digital solutions with smart interior elements, transforming the bank’s look and feel and ensuring a smooth implementation of this important project.


Synchronized Business Solutions Co.

Built up Area (BUA)

154 sqm


Lead Design and Supervision Consultant


5A by the Waters Development, New Cairo, Egypt



Scope of Work

Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical Design and Supervision

Project Brief.

TRUST's design and supervision services included Architectural development, Mechanical Design, and Electrical Design. Working closely with the international team and stakeholders, TRUST ensured that all design components were consistent with ADCB's brand identity while also adding a modern look for both the interior and external spaces.

Supervising the project enabled TRUST to efficiently navigate challenges, giving realistic solutions while adhering to Egypt's local standards and regulations. The successful completion of the ADCB Digital Branch project, which is evidence of Trust Engineering Consultancy's dedication to quality and client satisfaction, was made possible by the confident leadership of a committed team and great collaboration with our long-standing client “SBS”.