Waterfront West Villa

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Waterfront Residential West Villa

The client set out on a quest in the gorgeous Waterfront District of Lusail, Qatar, to build a residential house that flawlessly merges grandeur with personal comfort. Trust Engineering Consultancy is the recognized principal consultant tasked with making the Waterfront Residential West Villa project a reality.  


Fahad Al Jahrami  

Built up Area (BUA)

2,295 sqm


Lead Design Consultant


Waterfront District, Lusail, Qatar  


B + G + 1 + PH 

Scope of Work

Architectural Design, Interior Design, MEP Design, Structural Design, and Sustainability  

Project Brief.

The villa has an enormous built-up size of roughly 2,295 square meters on a 1,807 square meter plot and emanates elegance at every turn. The villa's design, which includes a basement, ground floor, first floor, and penthouse level, exhibits a beautiful blend of luxury and practical efficiency. From the main villa to the outdoor kitchen and guardhouse, every detail is precisely designed to fulfill the client's expectations while complying with sustainability principles and local standards.

TRUST's comprehensive consultancy services prioritise sustainability, with a goal to achieving a GSAS 2-star rating for the villa.

Inside, the villa's interior design exudes extravagance, with high-end materials and fittings that take the living experience to new heights of luxury. From the opulent furnishings to the precisely managed details, every part of the interior design shows the inhabitants' keen taste and elegance.